Hey there, my name is Kevin and this is my blog. I started it a while ago just to share some of my passion about the game of baseball with some friends and family who wanted to learn more about why I love it so much. But once I started to write about things like the history of baseball, lots of people seemed to take interest in this little blog here!
So I figured I’d better keep up with all of the goings on here, just in case you or other visitors have any questions or input. If you happen to be interested in things like the first baseball leagues to come into existence, I’m pretty sure that you will find some of the information on this blog helpful. I wanted the information to be accessible for everyone, in a way that can help with things like homeschooling children when it comes to the history of America’s beloved sports.
Anyway, I hope that you find this blog to be a help if you’re looking to become a new or bigger fan of baseball. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to learn all about it as you delve into finding teams to root for throughout the season.