Bill James Handbook Paperback 2019


(as of 10/20/2018 at 21:26 UTC)


The first-to-market, most comprehensive, insightful, and groundbreaking annual baseball book on the market. A must-have gift for every true fan, with lifetime statistics and leader boards for every player in the major leagues and projections for how they might do in the future.

Redesigned! Hard Hit Balls Analysis

Improved! Injury Info Tables

New! Strike Zone Runs Saved

Exclusive! Annual Fielding

Bible Awards

Complete! Career Data for every 2018 Major Leaguer

Unique! Win Shares, Career Targets, Shifts,

Instant Replay Analysis

First! Hitter and Pitcher Projections for 2019

This is the paperback version. The exclusive collectors spiral bound edition is available only from ACTA Sports