Super 8 Hitting System is a series of baseball hitting instructional videos designed to make you a better hitter very quickly. It discusses the 7 deadly misconceptions about hitting and provides proven techniques to overcome them. Learn how to improve your hitting mechanics, hit inside and outside pitches, increase your bat speed and utilize your hips to improve your swing.About the AuthorJoe is a former New York Yankee minor leaguer and Tulane University Head Baseball Coach. He is recognized as one of the nation’s top hitting instructors and has traveled the nation giving instruction and clinics.Joe has developed several publications and videos on baseball fundamentals: The Super 8 Hitting System (1998), Baseball Coach’s Administrative Handbook (1998),”The Complete Hitting Program” Video (1995),”The SpeedBat” video, the Brockbuster, a hitting training aid (1996), The Pro-Style Pitching Program (2001), and an assortment of instructional aids.Overview Research has shown that nine out of ten baseball hitters have poor mechanics. Why is this? A big reason reason is that Little League, High School and even some college coaches may be teaching poor hitting techniques they learned growing up. Without realizing it, the coaches perpetuate the bad mechanics to the next generation of baseball players.The Super 8 Hitting System is a baseball instruction video developed by a proven Division I College head baseball coach with over 40 years of experience. His hitting techniques will show you how to develop a mechanically sound swing and avoid hitting misconceptions. It also provides tips for increasing your bat speed and how to train the hips to drive through the pitch.The videos presented are appropriate for Little Leaguers and contains advanced batting tips and techniques for high school and college players. The system will teach you the correct way to hit inside and outside pitches, how to maximize your the power in your swing and how to use wrist action to hit line drives.The baseball instruction video has been well received and is recommended by many college and professional athletes and coaches.  The instruction video will teach you sound hitting mechanics, hitting techniques and provide effective batting tips.