Maintenance tips and techniques for transforming baseball fields into championship fields. Learn how you can transform and maintain your baseball field with a small and knowledgeable crew,without expensive equipment and a million dollar budget. This transforming your baseball field manual shows you the tools you need, the techniques involved and the materials needed. Theguide will help you create work day plans and task checklists. It comes with ballfield maintenance trade secrets learned over years and will alert you to the common mistakes you need to avoid. About the AuthorJim Reiner devotes his efforts to training coaches, players, and parents of all levels of youth baseball and softball how to transform existing ball fields into safe and high performance fields. He has completed projects from minor upgrades to major renovations for all levels of baseball and softball from T-Ball to College and everything in between. Prior to working in the corporate setting, he was a groundskeeper for the Texas Rangers AAA team. He has been recognized for his efforts as the Outstanding City Volunteer by The City of Santa Cruz for 2005 and Sunrise Little League Volunteer of the Year for 2006.Overview The Transforming Your Baseball Field Into A Winning Field is a 132 page baseball ebook containing proven ball field maintenance tips and techniques you can apply to improve your baseball field. The manual explains how to fix up your baseball diamond without spending big bucks on high priced equipment, materials and resources.  The author claims that if you apply his proven maintenance techniques, you can transform your Little League, High School or College field within 8 weeks.Some of the techniques include how to procure essential tools, what type of dirt makes the best infield dirt, how to build the perfect pitching mound and the secrets about applying sod on the field.  It discusses the best tips for maintaining the batters box, watering the field and raking and mowing the grass. Even more important, the Transforming Your Baseball Field manual provides work plans and checklists to make it easy for you to follow.  It also discusses how to avoid the most common mistakes with your infield layout.  You will learn how to get your turf a perfectly straight edge and how to prevent lip buildup on your grass edges.This baseball ebook has eight chapters that address ball field safety, the how-to’s to transform your field into a winner, developing a sports field improvement plan, turf maintenance, using the right ball field maintenance equipment, using quality materials and how to keep your ball field maintenance program going.  It also comes with baseball field maintenance checklists, worksheets, field layouts, examples and case studies.  Included with this baseball field manual is a free 45 page bonus report titled “How to Fund Your Baseball Field Improvements”.