This electronic baseball book is very helpful to serious baseball players looking to increase forearm and grip strength. It is unique because it provides grip and forearm strengthening exercises that other baseball training programs just don’t have.  This baseball training product takes the knowledge of effective grip training and applies it specifically to Baseball. Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball is a downloadable baseball ebook that contains about 400 pages that contains information on how the lower arms and hands function and how to prevent and avoid arm injury.  The baseball ebook is loaded with a collection of exercises using common gym equipment, home made equipment, cross-training equipment, and grip-specific equipment.About the AuthorThe author is part of the Diesel Crew and has published multiple strength and conditioning products, including ebooks, manuals, DVD’s, and membership sites. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a regular speaker at the Pennsylvania State Strength and Conditioning Clinic.Jedd played baseball and basketball in High School and two years of college baseball at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania before turning my interests to strength training. In 2003 he began competing in Strongman and Grip Strength competitions. His passion for Grip Strength has led to several products on Grip Strength, including Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball.Overview  Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball is a baseball training guide developed to increase your forearm and grip strength. The ebook is broken up into several parts: the main manual (nearly 400 pages) plus several separate supplemental guides including Loaded Bat Training, Tube Ball Training, Year Round Strength Training, Essential Forearm Stretches and 20 Done-for-You Grip Workouts. All of these guides are between 30 and 60 pages. The main manual is broken up into several sections: Why Grip Training is Important, How the Lower Arms Work, Equipment Used in the Manual, Exercise Index, and Injury Prevention Methods.Grip Training is important enough to include in your baseball training program because the hands and lower arms are involved in so many facets of the game. Swinging, catching, tagging, and throwing are just a handful of ways the hands and forearms are incorporated in baseball play, but when you consider the traumatic activities of sliding, collisions, diving, and other hazardous parts of the game, you have several more reasons to keep the lower arms as strong and resilient against injury as possible.The lower arms and hands are very sophisticated, however, there is very little information available to athletes about just how they work and how they should be trained. Unfortunately, going about it the wrong way can lead to injury due to overuse, doing more harm than good. To make matters even worse, the same worn out training methods that were common when I played baseball are still being used by many athletes today. While Rice Digs, Wrist Rollers, and Wrist Curls have their place, doing only these types of movements severely limits the player’s development.There is a wealth of equipment available for Grip training, but this type of training equipment gets very little exposure and there is even less information out there about how to use it properly. Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball looks at all of this specialized equipment and goes into detail about how to use it properly and safely for the biggest benefit. The manual also covers how common gym equipment can be used to develop grip and forearm strength, as well as how to use other odd objects to develop grip strength. With this manual, you will also learn how to build your own simple equipment that you can use for forearm training.The exercise index is about 200 pages long and covers exercises that will strengthen every movement pattern that can be performed by the elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs, and especially all the movement patterns in the sport of baseball. Almost all of the exercises include images demonstrating how to perform the movements correctly and safely. The written descriptions take you through the step-by-step procedure of performing the exercises, while also showing you how to build the home made equipment that is featured.The Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball ebook also includes an extensive section on how to keep the lower arms injury free. Common information on Grip Training often encourages the performance of too much flexion and not enough of the other movement patterns the lower arms and hands are capable of, so this section covers these methods, as well as other injury prevention and recovery tools, methods, and services that are full available on the market but, again, get very little exposure.