Youth Baseball Parents ebook is for the first time baseball parent(s) and those who want to know what it means to be a youth baseball parent. It provides solid advice on how to make the youth baseball experience an enjoyable and memorable one. The ebook touches on both the good and bad aspects a baseball parent can expect to experience. The author aims to prepare the parents on how to handle the “adult” situations while giving expert advice on to encourage and nurture their child through youth baseball.About the AuthorMatt Mc Dermott is President of Bullpen Marketing LLC. He has authored or co-authored numerous ebooks on topics such as youth baseball, fitness and strength training. The author is a former backup bullpen catcher in the independent league of professional minor league baseball. He consults for professional baseball front offices and has been involved in professional baseball as an assistant general manager, director of sales, public address announcer, league statistician, and team media relations director.Overview The author has recruited two friends with over 35 years combined professional baseball experience and significant youth baseball coaching to write this publication. Both friends have been youth baseball parents who have significant youth baseball coaching experience, from the Little League to high school level. These experts share their knowledge and experiences of baseball parenting and coaching to first-time youth baseball parents in this baseball ebook.Readers can expect to learn about the realities of youth baseball, including child safety, coach and player attitudes, sponsorships and the cost involved. The author discusses the correct approach a parent should use to address the coach about negative issues such as favoritism, playing time, practices, baseball instruction, yelling at the kids and player discipline. This youth baseball instruction ebook also emphasized techniques and tips for sharing the youth baseball experience with your child.Youth baseball parents will get advice on:How to get your child get ready for the first tournament if you cannot attend itHow to help your child overcome the heartache of being called out on strikes due to a bad call by the umpireThe costs involved to participate in youth baseballThe expectations of the parent in fund-drivesHow to use baseball as a teaching lesson about lifeHow to encourage your child when they strike out or make an errorYouth Baseball Parents comes with an audio (MP3) file with more youth baseball parent tips. It also comes with two bonus ebooks unrelated to youth baseball.